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The Matilda Too is suited to a variety of private functions. If you are planning a party or celebration, a trip on the Matilda Too could be just the venue for you. We can arrange a trip for up to 12 people. Our charter trips are typically 90 or 120 minutes but could be suited to your needs.

Addition of catering is also an option.

We can run a charter at any time when the boat has not already been booked and it is not due to be used for a public trip. We also need at least an hour between trips to ensure that the boat is fully prepared and cleaned between bookings. We are based in a residential area and try to be considerate to our neighbours, so we need to be back at the wharf by 10pm.

Dogs are only accepted at the discretion of the Skipper and as long as there are no objections from other passengers and their owners are responsible for controlling them!

To contact us with a charter enquiry…

For Charter enquiries please call 07947279704, or send an email to with your enquiry (nature of the trip/group, number of people, preferred trip/route, preferred date etc).